At PinayFiancé, our work is in building and providing a best-in-class experience that genuinely enables our users on their true-love journey.

If you are a potential prospect curious to learn more, it will be important for you to understand what we look for, but none of that will matter if you don’t align well with us. So, let’s start with what we aren’t looking for.

What We Aren’t Looking For

If you consider yourself professional management, don’t like to grow while fully owning outcomes, can’t stay accountable for good and bad alike, or don’t want to help change the world by contributing toward a common vision with like-minded individuals, chances are you won’t align well with our vision.

If any of the above fits, no harm done. You may stop reading now and thank you for your time.

If every bit of that excites you, continue reading.

What We Do Look For

We have found the greatest people are self-managed and when tasked with an objective, they will go figure out how to do it. And one doesn’t need to be a seasoned professional to possess this characteristic. The rest can be learned along the way.

If you have the drive, contact us.