Social Login with Apple, Google, and Facebook

Social Login with Apple, Google, and Facebook
August 22, 2021

Introducing Social Login

Getting started on PinayFiancé is now just a tap away.

We’ve just added Social Login to PinayFiancé which lets you sign up or log in using Apple, Google, or Facebook, all with a single tap. And today, we’re rolling it out in the US and Philippines on the PinayFiancé app for iOS and Android.

All you need to have is an iOS device, Google account, or Facebook account to get started, and if you already have an account on the PinayFiancé app—we’ve already got you covered. Your account will automatically merge when you log in!

Here’s what you’ll get using Social Login:

  • Streamlined registration & login with just a single tap
  • One less password to remember (bye bye reset password!)
  • Privacy you can trust collecting only your name, email, and profile photo

At PinayFiancé, we plan to continue providing and building new experiences that truly enable our users on their true-love journey. There’s much work ahead of us, and we couldn’t be more excited.

That’s it for now—stay tuned for more fun features and updates coming soon!

Justin Woodward, Founder at PinayFiancé

— Justin Woodward

Founder at PinayFiancé

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