Launching Help Center on PinayFiancé

Launching Help Center on PinayFiancé
November 28, 2021

Introducing Help Center

Today we’re launching Help Center on PinayFiancé for iOS and Android in the US and Philippines. We’re bringing answers to your most sought questions and a more helpful experience overall for you.

The Help Center will serve as a one-stop-shop to give you and the rest of our users the tools and information needed to resolve FAQs, popular questions, and proper support for everything else. The goal of the Help Center is simple: to help provide you with an easy-to-use experience so you can focus on what matters, your love journey.

Here are a few highlights on how we’re creating a more helpful experience for you:

  • Quickly access the Help Center right from inside the PinayFiancé app
  • 37 topics grouped into 9 categories, making it easy to pin down exactly what you need
  • FAQs section comprising the most popular questions
  • Searchable content on the PinayFiancé website

To check it out for yourself on the PinayFiancé app, go to your account screen and scroll down near the bottom until you see “Help Center”. You can also view the Help Center on the web, too.

With the Help Center out the door, we are shifting gears and focusing on polishing the onboarding experience for new users. Along with this, a few bugs we’ve found needing attention around edit profile features, and setting up new servers in Asia, we are getting very close to our full-scale launch!

Stay tuned!

Justin Woodward, Founder at PinayFiancé

— Justin Woodward

Founder at PinayFiancé

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