Introducing Fast Onboarding

Introducing Fast Onboarding
December 28, 2021

Fast Onboarding

PinayFiancé’s mission is to help you love anyone, anywhere. We know the world is big and filled with challenges. And it’s hard enough to find true love. Why make it any tougher?

That’s why today we’re introducing a fast onboarding experience and we’re rolling it out on PinayFiancé for Android and iOS in the US and Philippines. If you’re not already signed up, download the PinayFiancé app on your phone today to try it out. We’re still offering our exclusive lifetime membership for free, but hurry, we’ll be ending this soon!

Here are a few ways on how we’re making onboarding fast for you:

  • Enjoy a gender-equal welcome message as you begin
  • No extra taps needed—we’ve stripped out any unnecessary steps
  • Take advantage of the skip button if you’re in a rush
  • Have peace of mind with the progress indicator guiding you along the way

We at PinayFiancé treat everyone equally and with respect, no matter their background, and we made sure we show this during your time onboarding. Please remember to be kind and to smile. We want everybody to enjoy their time on PinayFiancé.

In other news, we’ve set up new chat servers in Singapore and Tokyo creating lag-free chat for those in the Philippines and we’re wrapping up final touches for PinayFiancé’s real-time chat features. More on this coming soon in our next post.

Happy Holidays!

A Special Note

Super Typhoon Rai, also known as Typhoon Odette to Philippine locals, hit the Philippines just days before Christmas and was comparable to a Category 5 hurricane.

Our Hearts go out to the victims of Typhoon Rai.

Justin Woodward, Founder at PinayFiancé

— Justin Woodward

Founder at PinayFiancé

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Who’s PinayFiancé?

We’re who the modern-day man and woman trust when beginning their love journey.

PinayFiancé starts with our founder after growing tired of the lack of love and effort put into the modern-day relationship. It didn’t feel right, and he felt lost.

So, our mission is simple—to help create a world where one can love anyone, anywhere.