Helping You Stay Connected

Helping You Stay Connected
October 31, 2021

Introducing Realtime Notifications

PinayFiancé helps you discover meaningful relationships across the globe. We want you feeling present with one another even when you’re not in the same place.

With this update, you can now reach your friends and significant others regardless of the distance in real-time and you can control where you receive messages and interactions. And we’re rolling it out today in the US and Philippines on the PinayFiancé app for iOS and Android.

Here are a few ways on how we’re helping you stay connected:

  • Notifications delivered straight to your device’s home screen
  • Grouped message and interaction threads keeping you organized and up to date
  • Quick actions taking you straight into the app when you press on a notification
  • Personalize and manage your preferences with notification settings

Over the next few weeks, we will also release new ways to set and manage email notifications, along with enhancing how in-app notifications work, making it even easier for you to connect and engage in all the fun at PinayFiancé.

This is only the start to making it easier to stay in contact with friends and significant others across our app. Stay tuned for even more fun ways to connect in the future.

Justin Woodward, Founder at PinayFiancé

— Justin Woodward

Founder at PinayFiancé

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