Show Off Your Cute Side

Show Off Your Cute Side
September 30, 2021

Improving How Users Manage Photos

At PinayFiancé, we believe technology should help us live well, be intentional in our lives, and do the stuff that matters.

Through technology, our goal is to make finding true-love on PinayFiancé smooth as silk, which means we need to create meaningful first impressions. So we’re delighted to present a simple-to-use experience for our users to manage their photos.

With online dating, pictures are powerful. They serve as the first impression you make on another person. Every major dating app gives guidance on this, yet many users dismiss it and later become upset because they didn’t discover love. Sounds ridiculous, right? We prefer to avoid that for our users on PinayFiancé.

Here are a few highlights on how we’re helping you produce a strong first impression:

  • Review and arrange your pictures all on the same screen with touchable drag & drop
  • When changing or adding a new picture, handle additional actions with a modern touchable modal
  • Concise advice and photo guidelines that’s easier to follow than to ignore
  • Shortened upload time when adding a new photo
  • Increased user photo allowance from 5 to 6

This experience is rolling out today and is part of our ongoing effort to empower our users on their true-love journey and support a stronger dating experience for everyone.

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

PS: don’t forget to bring your smile!

Justin Woodward, Founder at PinayFiancé

— Justin Woodward

Founder at PinayFiancé

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